Immerse yourself in the Chelmsford Fringe Festival

Updated: Jun 16

We are pleased to announce a partnership with Rhino XR Studios, allowing our community to immerse themselves into the Festival through virtual technology. Dave McColl of Rhino XR Studios says:

Rhino XR Studios and Chelmsford Fringe Festival are excited to be collaborating together to bring XR/AR/VR experiences and events to the community and into The Metaverse. This I believe will be a world’s first.

Some events are to be streamed live others will be recorded simultaneously.

Part of the purpose of our joint involvement is to bring immersive experiences to the community of Chelmsford and bring Chelmsford to the Metaverse and beyond.

Rhino XR Studios will help educate not only the community on the capabilities of the application of this technology but help create awareness of the significance of 100 years of broadcasting.

The event is a multi-venue event in several areas of the city that we are proud to be involved in with Chelmsford Fringe Festival.

Rhino XR Studios are building a Metaverse called MegaVerus an e-commerce family friendly virtual city helping build a community for immersive interaction. Helping small businesses compete on a level playing field. Creating business, life, opportunities and education in XR. So from setting up an extra entity to conduct business virtually to sparring with the likes of Riddick Bowe virtually, Rhino can help.

Here is a sneak peak of MegaVerus which is due to launch on October 1st 2022;

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