Enchanted Cinema - Martin Newell - Chelmsford Male Voice Choir

The Stables, Hylands Estate

12 July

Enchanted Cinema - Martin Newell - Chelmsford Male Voice Choir
Enchanted Cinema - Martin Newell - Chelmsford Male Voice Choir
Enchanted Cinema - Martin Newell - Chelmsford Male Voice Choir
Enchanted Cinema - Martin Newell - Chelmsford Male Voice Choir


'Enchanted Cinema connected with film maker Rhys Votano and musicians Explorers Society to develop a new visual experiences for a post lockdown generation. CineAura at the Stables in Hylands Estate is a combination of music and cinema – taking audiences through the documentary stories of musicians on screen as they perform live on stage. This is a live score like no other.'



A rock singer since his teens, Martin Newell spent much of his early twenties learning his trade in pubs, clubs and dancehalls. In mid-twenties he began making records, soon gaining a reputation as a writer of original songs with clever lyrics. A founder member of the now well-known Lo-fi band, Cleaners from Venus during the 1980s Newell also co-wrote songs with the pop star, Captain Sensible.

In the early 1990s, Newell unexpectedly became famous as a pop poet, often featuring on BBC radio shows and literature festivals. Much-published in national newspapers, he became resident pop poet for The Independent newspaper and its sister publication The Independent on Sunday for a total of 15 years. In 1993, he made his first solo album The Greatest Living Englishman, which was produced by XTC’s Andy Partridge. It was later hailed by Rolling Stone magazine as a rock classic.

By now said to be the UK’s most published living poet, he returned to making indie rock records. Newell’s songs have been covered by Alphaville, MGMT, The Damned and several other artistes. His earliest recordings, meanwhile, now stream in their millions on digital platforms such as Spotify.

A highly-entertaining live act, Martin Newell performs only rarely, refusing nowadays to tour at all. He has been the subject of a highly-praised documentary film Upstairs Planet (2019) which enjoyed premieres both in London’s West End and in New York.

Another documentary The Jangling Man, the director James Sharp’s intimate portrait of Newell’s life and work is due for release later this year. A new Cleaners from Venus album will be released on autumn 2022.


The origins of Chelmsford Male Voice Choir (CMVC) can be traced back to the Boer War when the choir first sang to raise funds for British troops. The choir currently has over 60 members who are proud to wear the crest of the City of Chelmsford.

The choir’s highlight appearances have included Festivals of Male Voices at the Royal Albert Hall in 2014 and 2016, with audiences in excess of 5,000. We perform in various venues including regular performances to capacity audiences at lunchtime concerts in Chelmsford Cathedral.

Variety is the hallmark of our concert performances and our repertoire ranges widely, from choral works to arrangements of ‘pop’ classics and songs from the shows.

Doors - 7.30pm
Champagne Bar available

The Hylands Estate Artist Studios located in The Stables is home to a diverse and vibrant community of creatives. Visit the studios for some inspiration and insight into their various creative processes. See both works in progress and exhibitions of finished works of art. Studios will be open for the evening: https://hylandsestate.co.uk/artiststudios/