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Chelmsford Fringe Festival Environment and Sustainability Policy


Policy Statement


Chelmsford Fringe Festival is committed to environmental protection and to understanding and mitigating any negative environmental impact of the Festival.  We will encourage our contractors, volunteers, partners, performers and audiences to support us to embed this commitment in all Festival activities.




Lead responsibility for Environment and Sustainability is held by the Festival Director, but our team and volunteers are responsible for following this policy in the activities they undertake as part of the Festival.




We will comply with all regulatory requirements and aim to go beyond these as follows:


Core operations

  • We will minimise the use of paper but recognise that to ensure inclusive access we will need some of our information to be in paper form.  Where necessary we will use recycled paper and printing ink.

  • We aim to make other purchases from suppliers who are committed to sustainability including in commitments to energy use, packaging and transport.

  • We will reduce our use of consumables and recycle where appropriate.

  • We will reduce the need for travel, using electronic and video communications where possible.

  • We will “buy local” where possible to reduce the transport impacts of our supplies.

Food and Drink


  • We partner with indoor venues which supply food and drink using reusable containers and utensils

  • We will encourage performers and audiences to purchase food and drink in reusable containers and/ or to bring their own




  • We will work with Love Your Chelmsford to ensure that all waste management procedures are followed and that performers and audiences are aware of their responsibilities for appropriate waste disposal. 

Transport and Travel


  • We will signpost audiences to sustainable travel options


Future Priorities


  • Continue work to understand the environmental impact of our core operations and implement methods to offset carbon impact that remain after reduction mitigation methods have been implemented.  Including using the Creative Green Tools created by Julie’s Bicycle for the Arts and Culture Industries.

  • Alongside partners in Chelmsford, across Essex and within the Fringe Festival movement to develop our understanding of good practice in sustainable Festivals and events.

  • Continue to signpost our performers, partners and audiences to demonstrate how they can enjoy future Festivals sustainably.

  • We aim to use the opportunities of the Festival to raise environmental awareness by increasing the percentage of performances and activities in the Festival that have a specific environmental focus.

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