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Fancy joining the line-up at the Chelmsford Fringe Festival?

What we are looking for:

Applications from artists and acts local, national and international in the following areas:


All forms: scripted, devised, immersive, physical, all genres.

Spoken word

Comedy and non-theatre-related performances. 


Classical music – all genres vocal, opera, instrumental - musical theatre; 20th-century non-classical music onwards including world music.

Film and Documentary

Independent film and documentary.


More focused on contemporary and physical expression. All applications will be considered. Remember that the performances will take place in unconventional venues with some open-air spaces.

Street and open-air events

Busking, circle, human statues, family-oriented. Artists must demonstrate experience working with audiences in this context. 


Performing Arts and advanced technologies

Projects that combine performance and advanced technologies. These projects can be AR, VR, MR, interactive, immersive. Any projects using AI and emerging technologies.

Projects from and to underrepresented groups

 LGBTQ+, BAME and other underrepresented groups. 

Projects from and for people with special needs

People with physical and or mental disabilities.

Community Focus Projects

Projects focus on the elderly; low education, economic and social background; social exclusion and more.

Projects involving environmental issues

Any relevant projects bringing attention to the environment, sustainability and social engagement are most welcome.


Workshops & Talks

Workshops and talks on relevant subjects.

The Selection

Experts in each area will make a jury selection and communicate to the applicant no later than the 10th of May.


All successful applicants will have to pay a £50 registration process fee.


The Chelmsford Fringe Festival has financing available for projects that are not financed or need financial support. If a project is eligible for finance, this will be communicated before the application is approved. Eligible applications can receive finance up to £600 based on the applicant status, e.g., early level, mid-level and large company.


The performances will take place in unconventional venues, bars, coffee shops, libraries, retail spaces: shopping centres and empty shops, open-air etc.

Technical requirements

Due to the nature of the spaces, all applicants have to consider the foot area and height requirements. Essential tech can be available and is limited to a minimum. If the applicant provides their technical equipment, this has to be approved by the Chelmsford Fringe Technical Manager, always subjected to the venue capability.

A technical rider will be required for all successful applications. 

Additional information

Applicants are expected to meet all the legal requirements for public performances, i.e., public liability insurance, risk assessments, health and safety report, PRS, copyright and any intellectual property rights licences when applicable and or any other licenses that may be required for the exercise of their activity.

Support with applications

The Chelmsford Fringe Festival team can support and help with parts of the application process if necessary. Please get in touch at:

Non-Uk residents must obtain all legal documents to perform in the UK. The Chelmsford Fringe can assist with any information on a limited basis outside of official entities scope, namely helping to guide applicants where to obtain further information and documentation.


The applications are submitted using the available form online here

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