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Peter Meyer - The Boy from the Wild - Lunch and Talk with Peter

The Chelmsford Club

8 July

Peter Meyer - The Boy from the Wild - Lunch and Talk with Peter
Peter Meyer - The Boy from the Wild - Lunch and Talk with Peter
Peter Meyer - The Boy from the Wild - Lunch and Talk with Peter
Peter Meyer - The Boy from the Wild - Lunch and Talk with Peter

Splendid Summer buffet lunch followed by the screening of the documentary The Boy from the Wild

Venue: The Chelmsford Club -108 New London Rd, Chelmsford, Essex, CM2 0RG

Arriving from 12 pm drinks in the garden,

1pm - Lunch

2 pm - documentary followed by Q&A moderated by Danae Brook.


The Boy from the Wild is a gripping tale of remarkable people fearlessly living out their ambitions with honesty, vigour and courage.

It also is a poignant story of a granite-strong bond between a father and son. A bond that could never be broken.

Doors Open at 12:00 greetings and drinks in the garden
Splendid summer buffet lunch at 13:00
The Boy from the Wild documentary film will be shown at 14:00 with a Q&A with Peter afterwards.

THE FILM: 'This is the journey of Peter who returns home to South Africa, after 17 years.

Returning home, he re-lives the adventures of his childhood. He is not alone and has taken along two friends (John and Tom), who both experience a life and things most only dream about.

Together they all share an adventure and bring to life the world Peter’s father dreamt of creating for all to see. The Jurassic Park of Africa that is real.'


THE BOOK: 'Peter Meyer had everything going for him. He was one of the youngest directors in the Hilton hotel chain; a star sportsman; and a model with film star looks.

Then his father died, and Peter started seriously questioning his priorities.

James Meyer had grown up in Africa. As a teenager he had summited a steep hill, where below sprawled the most beautiful valley he had ever seen. The Zulus called it the Valley of Heaven. It was a Damascene moment, and James vowed one day to turn the area into a game reserve.

Thirty years later, James honoured that vow and created the Karkloof Valley Nature Reserve. That’s where his son Peter was brought up – running wild in the wilderness where his best friend was a Zulu boy, and instead of domesticated animals there were elephants in the garden and rhinos on the road.

When James passed, Peter would never be the same again.
He could not go back to his old life. So he chose to do something else; full-time fashion modelling and acting.

He met famous people such as Brad Pitt, Liam Neeson and Roger Moore. He seldom spoke of Africa, but when he did, people listened raptly. Here, in the heart of the showbiz world, was a boy from the wild.

The siren call of Africa never left. After being away from the continent for 17 years, guided by the spirit of his inspirational father, he returned to re-visit the Valley of Heaven of his youth.
It was a poignant odyssey, triggering floods of memories of a life well-lived in an age where young boys could dream and wise fathers encouraged them.'

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