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Performing in Partnership

New for 2022 ‘Performing in Partnership’

The Chelmsford Fringe is partnering with the Maldon Festival to bring performing arts to an even bigger audience in 2022. Between the two events audiences can experience the whole gambit of culture and artistic performance, covering music; art; dance; comedy and much, much more. From classic music to cutting edge, comedic opera and tragic comedies there is something for everyone to explore and enjoy this summer.

This year’s Maldon Festival runs from June 24th to July 10th. It offers a fortnight of wonderful concerts featuring performers and music sure to delight audiences, whether they are long-term fans of the Festival or joining us for the first time. The 2022 programme offers a rich mix of music and events featuring award-winning performers, amazing music-making and extraordinarily talented artists, based locally and internationally.

2022 Theme: The French Connection

This is the year the musical world celebrates Ralph Vaughan Williams, who was born in 1872 exactly one hundred and fifty years ago. The Maldon Festival is taking this anniversary as an opportunity to explore the sources of inspiration that shaped the work of Vaughan Williams. This includes the years he spent studying with the French composer, Maurice Ravel. Both composers drew on musical themes that featured the changing seasons alongside the moods and traditions of the countryside. Vaughan Williams was also deeply moved by the ravages the first world war wreaked on people and the landscape, both at home and abroad. The result of all these inputs was a canon of work which is amongst the most recognisable by a British composer, yet which has distinct overtones from the time he spent abroad.

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