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Diane Waldron from Chess 5-a-side talks to Oliver on Chelmsford Community Radio 104.4FM (1hr in)

'Social interaction is on the decline. More and more people are living their lives online and becoming detached from reality. This is an invitation to healthy living by getting people interacting in the outside world while playing a game with significant health benefits. If you work all day using a computer, this can be your release. If you are on the go all day, this is your unwind. If you want to meet new people, this brings you together.

5 A Side Chess lets you develop a passion to learn, interact and have fun where you will never cease to grow. Our commitment is to combine your passion and skill for the game to create a masterpiece for you to thrive on and be a part of. The masterpiece is in the players sculpting their society to change and provide an alternative to the interactive world online and in doing so bringing communities closer together.

5 aside CHESS is much more than just your classic chess game you know and love. While retaining the same principle moves, several changes have been made to the game to increase play, social interaction, fun and health benefits worldwide. For those that haven’t played before, it’s an easy to learn game that removes the elitist view of the sport and allows a reason to meet your friends.'

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