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Meet the Repeat Beat Poet

The Repeat Beat Poet talks to Josh on Chelmsford Community Radio 104.4FM (20 minutes in):

Peter deGraft-Johnson is The Repeat Beat Poet, a Hip Hop artist and broadcaster working to capture and extend moments of time, thought, and feeling. Peter has performed across the UK and internationally at venues including the Southbank Centre and Ronnie Scotts in London, performing alongside artists like Margaret Atwood and Roger Robinson, and Thundercat. He is also the co-founder of the Hip Hop open mic night Pen-Ting, a house emcee with Hip Hop label and jam night Imaginary Millions, creator of the Spoken Word radio show #TheRepeatBeatBroadcast and host of the multi-award nominated Lunar Poetry Podcast, which is archived in the British Library.

Peter will be performing TWICE for the Chelmsford Fringe Festival at Hot Box Bar & Venue and you can get tickets here:

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